Fundraising with wine is fun, easy to manage and requires no up front financial outlay by your school, charity, fund, organisation or club. There is also NO REQUIREMENT TO OBTAIN A LIQUOR LICENCE. We have a large range of great value red, white and sparkling wines plus aged muscat and port from Australia’s best known wine regions. Most wines can be tasted at our convenient High St, Berwick retail outlet . If required, we can arrange a tasting night for people organising the fundraising at our store.

Our fundraising does not require minimum orders or deposits before commencing. We also provide ORDER FORMS to make your job less time consuming!

Why choose wine for my fundraising?

Recent research has shown that most households now consume wine at least once a week. This means that your fundraising will not put your consumers’ dollars somewhere they wouldn’t already be spending them and gives them great value premium wine while supporting your cause. Health conscious parents are also encouraging their children to eat less chocolate and high sugar sweets. A wine fundraiser will help to remove any of this unwanted temptation.

Want to personalise your fundraising?

We can help design your own labels in store with your school/company logo or select from our existing templates which can be customised to your liking. Black and white labels and FULL COLOUR labels are negotiable at time of order. The process is pain free and is a great way to get your message across to your supporters. We also customise your order forms depending on range selection i.e. Premium or Quality.

Don’t want to hold onto stock for weeks while fundraising?

No problems, we can arrange for a one off FREE DELIVERY SERVICE to a nominated Melbourne metropolitan location on the day you have chosen to distribute the wine. Because you only receive the wine after all orders are placed you don’t have to worry about appropriate storage areas or any stock you don’t sell.
What about payment options?

We take cash, EFT, bank cheques and can process all forms of credit cards
FREE OF CHARGE on the week before delivery.

How much money can this make me?

Each carton of wine sold is designed to give you almost a 50% margin or approximately
$30-60 depending on the type of wine chosen. Popular chocolate fundraisers can only get you $24 per carry box – and that’s 48 units you would have to sell. We can make you more than that with one carton!!

EXAMPLE–We sell you the Mclaren Vale Range for $5.83 per bottle ($70/dozen) and your fundraising drive sells it for $10 per bottle ($120/dozen). That’s $50 per dozen that you will have to go towards your chosen school, club, fund, charity or organisation.

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